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The Red-headed Woodpecker

The Red-headed Woodpecker is a lively bird of Eastern forests and parklands. Its striking colors, behavior and willingness to share space with people make it a favorite among many.

Red-headed Woodpeckers are key to maintaining diversity. They make numerous holes in dead trees, or dead limbs of live trees, for nesting, roosting and caching food. These holes are used later by many other species of birds and wildlife.

But...numbers have declined 90% in the last 40 years. This decline can be easily reversed by changing how we manage our landscapes.

Our Goal

The goal of Red-headed Woodpecker Recovery (RhWR) is to reverse the decline and encourage the recovery of Red-headed Woodpecker populations through the creation, preservation, and restoration of habitat, and with research and public education.

The group was formed in Minnesota in 2006 in order to serve as a focal point for red-head recovery.

Committee Meetings

The committee meets monthly from January through October, usually on the third Wednesday of the month, at 7:00 p.m. in the Coffee Loft, at Lunds Grocery Store in Edina. Occasionally a meeting must be cancelled at the last minute, so if you plan to attend a meeting, please contact Chet Meyers for the latest information regarding meeting dates and times.

Meet the Committee Chair

Chet Meyers, Red-headed Woodpecker Recovery chair, was interviewed on Minnesota Public Radio's Morning Edition for their July 28th broadcast.